Ping An-Shionogi is founded on the advanced drug development platform of SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd. and devoted to R&D on pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment and other solutions.

At Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center(SPRC), our R&D pillar, various research activities are constantly underway to enhance candidate drug adequacy and clinical trial success rate. Considering an aging society’s thirst for better medical solutions and life expectancy, we devote our advantages in the treatment of infectious diseases, pains and CNS system disorders to developing epoch-making pharmaceuticals.

What we have achieved includes not only initial clinical trials of new chemicals which have passed the POC processes [*1], but also countless clinical trials at the global level which support a highly-productive system. That explains why we own such a lot of drug licenses in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Based on the experience of SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd. , we will speed up new drug development more efficiently as part of an effort to supply products to the Chinese and other Asian patients as soon as practicable.

*1: POC(Proof of Concept) means checking that the constituents of certain therapeutic drugs are efficient and safe enough in terms of the site of action, mechanism of action, etc.”



Ping An-Shionogi CEO Tatsumori Yoshida

Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shionogi”) and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ping An China”) have cooperated as two giants in medical and healthcare services field in China with a strategic cooperation agreement, and established Ping An-Shionogi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ping An-Shionogi”) in Shanghai in November 2020.

How to fight against epidemic infectious diseases has become a worldwide topic in the increasingly globalized world. In recent years, China’s economy has developed by leaps and bounds, but various social problems such as aging have gradually emerged, while more and more attention is paid to people’s life and health, all of which has led to dramatic changes in people’s demands for medical and healthcare services. Therefore, Ping An-Shionogi combined Shionogi’s knowledge and experiences (such as insights into diseases, new drug development capability, etc.) accumulated for years with the health service data, online medical diagnose platform and AI technology owned by Ping An China, and adopted the brand-new business model to adapt to the ever-changing market environment flexibly. As a HaaS (Healthcare as a Service) creative corporation and a healthcare service provider, Ping An-Shionogi will show the society the future health form by “continuously providing outstanding solutions to meet the changing needs of medical and healthcare service”.

◆Building the Future of Healthcare as a HaaS(Healthcare as a Service) Creative Corporation

Ping An-Shionogi is committed to creating brand-new healthcare service solutions, providing personally customized services through new business models with high-quality generic drugs manufactured and sold by Nanjing C&O Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Liancheng Medicine Co., Ltd. and OTC drugs owned by Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd., listing new drugs in China for “Unmet Needs” (a condition for which there exists no satisfactory method of diagnosis, prevention or treatment) , and relying on AI technology and healthcare service data provided by Ping An China to research and develop new drugs.

Ping An-Shionogi not only provides patients with treatments, but also with Patient journey (the entire sequence of events that a patient experiences within a given healthcare system) , namely the outstanding solution suitable for each patient of different periods which includes preventive treatment & care, diagnosis and follow-up after treatment to protect every patient’s health. As a HaaS (Healthcare as a Service) creative corporation, we will continue to make contributions to the Chinese society and take new challenges.

Aiming at promoting the epoch-making solutions based on our healthcare service platform to the whole world, Ping An-Shionogi will continue as always to improve the life and health of mankind.


Company Name
Ping An-Shionogi Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Tatsumori Yoshida
Nov. 18, 2020
Paid-in Capital
2.94117647 Billion Yuan
Room 602, 6F, 199 Kaibin Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Type of Business
●Pharmaceuticals, R&D and marketing on medical equipment ●Investment
Fiscal Year-End
Dec. 31