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Ping An-Shionogi is founded on the advanced drug development platform of SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd. and devoted to R&D on pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment and other solutions.

At Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center(SPRC), our R&D pillar, various research activities are constantly underway to enhance candidate drug adequacy and clinical trial success rate. Considering an aging society’s thirst for better medical solutions and life expectancy, we devote our advantages in the treatment of infectious diseases, pains and CNS system disorders to developing epoch-making pharmaceuticals.

What we have achieved includes not only initial clinical trials of new chemicals which have passed the POC processes [*1], but also countless clinical trials at the global level which support a highly-productive system. That explains why we own such a lot of drug licenses in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Based on the experience of SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd. , we will speed up new drug development more efficiently as part of an effort to supply products to the Chinese and other Asian patients as soon as practicable.

  • *1: POC(Proof of Concept) means checking that the constituents of certain therapeutic drugs are efficient and safe enough in terms of the site of action, mechanism of action, etc."